chocolate ganache – whipped and smooth

DSC_6611Chocolate ganache gets a bit of a reputation for being finicky and difficult, but in my experience it’s not too bad as long as you give it a little extra attention and don’t act recklessly. Of course I’ve broken my ganache before but it’s always a case of user error…


Chocolate ganache
  1. Use equal parts by volume, heavy whipping cream and baking chocolate
  2. Prepare baking chocolate by chopping it up very finely – the smaller the better.
  3. Heat up heavy cream, via microwave or double boiler, to the minimum temperature to melt your chocolate. In the microwave, this’ll be about 10 seconds per 1/4 c of heavy cream. This is the critical step – if you overheat your heavy cream, the fat solids will separate and your cream with glisten or have a layer on top. These fat solids will not combine with the melted chocolate, and ganache will become chunky instead of smooth. If this happens, discard and start in a new container.
  4. Pour finely chopped chocolate into the warmed heavy cream.
  5. Stir continuously with a whisk or spatula until combined – ganache will first look grainy as the chocolate floats before combining completely with the cream.
  6. Let cool slightly if using as is – ganache will be easier to control when more viscous. Liquid ganache can be reheated as needed.
  7. If whipping into whipped ganache frosting, allow to cool to pudding consistency in the refrigerator before whisking with a hand mixer. Volume will increase by approximately 50%. Use immediately, as the frosting will change consistency over time.


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