valrhona vs ghirardelli – dark chocolate espresso cookies


I did in fact get around to rebaking these Dark Chocolate Espresso Cookies to compare Valrhona vs Ghirardelli. But I accidentally put less (1/4 c instead of 1/2c) brown sugar so they weren’t an exact replica of my first batch of these cookies. But as a comparison of cocoa powders, they still sufficed. Plus I mean they were still delicious and not not-sweet enough, just a little more rustic looking.

In the picture above, the darker cookies on the left used Valrhona cocoa powder, and the brown cookies on the right used Ghrirardelli cocoa powder. In the end, there were mixed taste preferences. The Valrhona cookies had more depth of cocoa and coffee flavor, the Ghirardelli cookies seemed a bit more moist. Results were inconclusive. I shall test again and report back.

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