valrhona vs ghirardelli – chocolate cake

DSCF1720Featuring my sister’s hands!

Followed my trusty moistest chocolate cake recipe for a test of Ghirardelli vs Valrhona cocoa powder. Here are our perceived differences –

  • Fresh out of the oven – Valrhona seemed a little burnt, had a much darker flavor, almost not sweet at all
  • Fresh out of the oven – Ghirardelli tasted sweeter, more chocolatey and moister overall (due to relative sweetness?
  • Next day – Valrhona tasted delicious, still moist yet chocolate flavor mellower yet still serious
  • Next day – Ghirardelli tasted a bit oversweet, still moist but tiny tiny bit cloying flavor

Guess I’m sticking with Valrhona from now on (after I finish off my Ghirardelli cocoa powder – still have about 4 cups left… then time for an upppppgradeeeeeee!


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