more experiments! soft and chewy ginger molasses cookies

DSCF1790I’m moving! Which means I packed away my recipe box and desktop computer which means I don’t have any pictures or recipes to post today. Oops. I guess I’m not so good at thinking ahead 🙁 In the mean time, here are some notes on those Ginger Molasses Cookies. Yes, I still love them. They might the first cookies I bake in the new house… We’ll see.

Replacing ground ginger with fresh ginger

  • Replace 1 tsp of ground ginger with 4 Tbsp freshly grated ginger
  • Add extra 2 Tbsp flour to the dough before rolling into balls
  • Bake the fresh ginger cookies 2 minutes longer

Fresh ginger can be grated at any time and stored in the freezer. It defrosts quickly and doesn’t lose any moisture when stored in an air-tight container; I use a jar. The texture of the fresh ginger cookies was very different, as the dough is much wetter. I tried to compensate by adding more flour, but I think I need to add even more flour and also more leavener (baking soda). The ginger flavor is amazing and I really prefer the fresh ginger over the ground, because the cookies have a legitimate zing! and the sweet and spicy works really well. Survey results were split nearly down the middle, but those that preferred ground ginger didn’t like the fresh. Those who preferred fresh didn’t mind the ground. AKA make ground ginger cookies for a larger party to be safe. Or just make the fresh ones and leave the extras to me.

Refrigerating the dough before baking
I refrigerated one batch of cookies for about an hour before baking. There was barely any difference between the look or texture of the colder vs room temp dough-cookies. Just slightly, the edges crisped up relatively more quickly than center of the cookie set for the refrigerated cookies (as expected) but I didn’t prefer this. AKA no need to fridge before baking!


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