smitten kitchen’s browniest cookies

DSCF1859I’m feeling pretty uninspired on the baking front these days, to be honest. Been nursing cold symptoms for a few weeks, and work has been busy, plus we’ve been working on getting our new house all put together… which means I’ve been prioritizing naps over chocolate these days.

No full post today – just a single photo from a few weeks ago, when I followed Smitten Kitchen’s Browniest Cookies recipe.

Notes: I thought these cookies were quite dry, perhaps because I overbaked them. They were crumbly to bite into even fresh out of the oven, but weirdly I felt like they got more moist over time. They lasted about a week in an airtight container with not much change to texture, though as I said I didn’t find the texture to be great to begin with. Probably won’t be trying this recipe again.

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