dscf3031Ok, with this new experience I can officially define a marshmallow to be 80% texture, 10% flavor, and 10% flavor-of-the-powdered-sugar-coating. I tried a bit of the goopy mess before it dried out, and it was not delicious. Tasted like plastic. But somehow, magically, after drying out overnight and getting coated in powdered sugar, I am at risk for eating the entire batch by day’s end. Help.

barely modified from Barefoot Contessa’s Homemade Marshmallows Recipe
takes about an hour, plus 12 hours resting time
makes about 25 square inches of marshmallows
You need:
one small saucepan
one 8″ x 8″ casserole dish or similar
one large heat-proof bowl
sieve or sifter, electric mixer, spatula
2 packages (~1 1/2 Tbsp) unflavored powdered gelatin
1/3 + 1/3 c cold water
1 c granulated sugar
2/3 c light corn syrup
pinch salt
2 tsp vanilla extract, or any other mild flavor extract (I used half vanilla, half earl grey!)
4 Tbsp powdered sugar, for dusting

dscf3022dscf3027dscf3028dscf3029In a large bowl, combine 2 packages (2 Tbsp) unflavored powdered gelatin and 1/3 c cold water. Leave it to dissolve.

In a small saucepan, combine 1/3 c cold water, 1 c granulated sugar, 2/3 c light corn syrup and pinch salt. Heat over medium heat, mixing occasionally, until sugar dissolves. Increase heat to high, then allow to boil and reach 240 degrees.

While sugar mixture is heating up, prepare the dish. Line the dish with parchment paper and generously coat the bottom and sides with a layer of powdered sugar. When I say generously coat, I mean until you can’t see the parchment paper anymore.

When sugar mixture has reached temperature, remove from heat. Carefully and slowly pour it over the gelatin mixture and mix slowly until gelatin is fully melted and incorporated. Whisk at high speed for 5-10 minutes until extremely thick. Thick is when it looks like the mixer is not even moving the fluff around anymore, when it’s literally flowing slower than molasses. Stir in extracts until combined.

Quickly use a spatula to pour the liquid marshmallow into the dish. It will be more difficult to handle as it cools. Even out the top, then sift powdered sugar over the entire top. Leave uncovered to dry, at least 4 hours, up to overnight.

The next day, carefully remove the parchment paper from the dish, carrying the solidified marshmallow. Cut horizontal and vertical lines with a sharp knife. Flip it all over and peel the parchment paper off (if stuck), coating the new top side with more powdered sugar if needed. Separate rows or columns one at a time, coating the newly exposed sides with sifted powdered sugar. Coat all sides of all squares to prevent sticking, then store in an airtight container (Ziploc bags are fine) for up to one week. The internet says they can be frozen for up to 3 months.


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