dscf3098Another new series to provide more filler posts! If I can actually remember to take pictures of my food (apparently I’m very un-Asian), I’ll post all the fancy pants desserts I eat when I go to fancy pants restaurants. Missing from this archive was our experience at Adega (smoked chocolate cake??? It was goddamn delicious. I love it when pastry chefs design these ugly nature-dirt-inspired forest creations for desserts) but I’ll try to do better from now on. To kick it off, Manresa.

First, above. The star of the show. Which to be honest blew all the other desserts out of the water and I could eat it over and over and over. Unfortunately too fancy for me to even try to recreate at home… probably. Also unfortunately I didn’t memorize the server’s description of the dish, and the printed menu they provided us with isn’t enough to really describe the dish. It says, “Granny smith, flavors of gin, whipped yogurt”. The dish was basically a tart yogurt on the bottom with apple shaved ice, some kind of gin (?) syrup, and also frozen melon balls of goodness (like the texture of a frozen grape but with less chew), topped with a dehydrated apple crisp which lol by itself was also bomb. Tasted so fresh, so perfect. You might as well stop reading here because I am not excited to be recalling the rest of them.

dscf3100Our birthday cake. A cashew caramel mousse cake, which was really smooth, and of the three desserts that were served together, probably my favorite because I could actually go back to the flavor profile as something comfortable and simple.

dscf3102Printed menu description: “Mont blank, coffee and vanilla…”. My notes: Some kind of cream ball with a vanilla ice cream layer on the outside. Milk chocolate strings/spaghetti (strange texture that I didn’t enjoy… reminded me of what play-doh probably tastes like). Meringues and candied nuts were my favorite part of this dessert.

dscf3104Printed menu description: “…Milk chocolate, kuri squash and toasted milk”. My notes: Squash puree cake? Pretty interested to use a sweet squash as a dessert, but I think it would have been better without chocolate to overwhelm it. Covered in a whipped chocolate, covered in cocoa powder. Coffee-ish flavored ice cream with cookie crumbles underneath (fun texture, but didn’t add much taste). Bourbon chocolate syrup. The meringue and chocolate disks were really fun.

dscf3105Our closing petit fours and macarons and truffles. None of it memorable. Horchata, lavender, and key lime macarons that tasted stale and had weak/undiscernable flavors, and definitely were stale because when we toured the kitchen they were putting away the next day’s macarons already. Black sesame flavor! The pate de fruits were probably my favorite… strawberry lol.

But I mean, the meal at Manresa was overall delicious and amazing. I loved the focus they had on vegetables, seafood, simple things like chicken broth. Would highly recommend!

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