pie crust

DSC_6062I’ve been using my trusty food processor to make pie crusts for a couple years now, and love how easy and quick it is. But there were always lingering questions at the back of my mind – is an OG pastry blender better? Does a food processor over-blend? Could my pie crusts go from consistently delicious to consistently WOW???

I needed the answers. So I staged a comparison test.

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chocolate chip cookies

DSC_6470I love single bowl recipes. I love moist, chewy cookies. I love chocolate. Here is the chocolate chip recipe that you’ve been waiting for all your life. It doesn’t care if your butter is softened or melted. It doesn’t even care if your egg is room temperature or straight out of the fridge. All it cares about is being eaten within 24 hours, which is really not an issue at all.

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You need:
Liquid measuring cup
1 T lemon juice
scant 1 cup milk

I have never purchased buttermilk from the store… because it only takes five minutes at home, and then there’s no scrambling to find recipes to finish up that last bit of buttermilk you have in the fridge. All it takes is two easy ingredients that you already have on hand.

Add juice to your measuring cup first, then pour milk to top off to 1 cup. Wait five minutes and milk will have curdled and is ready to use. “Recipe” can be halved as needed.