egg tarts

DSCF3852Chinese egg tarts! This is now my go-to recipe for using up spare egg yolks. It’s a quick and simple recipe, the base recipe uses 8 egg yolks for the custard, which means plenty of whites for meringues and frostings and all kinds of tasty other things. We’ve made this twice now, both very successful. A few notes though – first, the dough recipe makes 16 tarts, which doesn’t work in my 12 cupcake pan and needs a few more small tarts (either mini ones or medium sized ones). Also, for some reason when I bake at the temperature and time recommended, the custard poofs up a lot. It falls down when cooling which is fine, but then the surface of the custard is wrinkly like a Portuguese egg tart instead of a Taiwanese egg tart. I may need to tweak. But still tasty, so still posting now.

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change in posting schedule

Hi readers,
I’m changing my posting schedule to either twice or once a month, because I’ve just been eating way too many baked goods! Plus, is pretty much my own personal digital recipe box, so not like ya’ll are waiting on me anyway. I have some fun things on my to-bake list, but not much time to follow through, so when I do, they’ll be posted.

See ya,