favorite pasta dough

After many tasty tests, we’ve decided that this is our go-to pasta dough recipe. We resisted using extra egg yolks for so long, but alas, the difference it makes has convinced us.

Scale up as needed. 1 c flour makes enough filled pasta for two people without leftovers, so I suggest making 1c per person to stock the freezer.

Mix 1 c all purpose flour, loose with 1/4 tsp sea salt. Make a well in the center and crack in 1 large egg and 1 egg yolk. Loosen the eggs with chopsticks or a fork and integrate flour until there are minimal dry bits. Begin kneading by hand, and when dough begins to come together, either discard the excess dry flour on the bottom of the bowl, or add more flour 1 Tbsp at a time if it sticks to your hands. Continue kneading for about 3-5 minutes until supple and uniform. Spritz the surface of the dough ball with water if it feels at all tough, then cover and let rest for at least 90 minutes. After it’s rest, shape into pasta at will. Don’t knead it, but press into disks to roll out with a pasta maker.

moistest white cake

IMG_20190304_180854Ok, this is a work in progress. But I guess I figured something to prove I’m alive is better than continuing the lack of posts :'(. SO. My number one recipe for the moistest chocolate cake ever is great, and I’ve made that cake more times than I can count. But it’s chocolate! And even though I am 100% always down for chocolate, I’ve been looking for a go-to white cake recipe for years. The other day I thought to myself, if I love my chocolate cake so much, why don’t I just modify it until it makes the moistest white cake?? So I did. Still needs work, but a very reasonable starting point! Next steps are to find the right baking time/adjustments so that it doesn’t fall flat after cooling. But even though it fell, the crumb was still super moist and fluffy inside.
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egg tarts

DSCF3852Chinese egg tarts! This is now my go-to recipe for using up spare egg yolks. It’s a quick and simple recipe, the base recipe uses 8 egg yolks for the custard, which means plenty of whites for meringues and frostings and all kinds of tasty other things. We’ve made this twice now, both very successful. A few notes though – first, the dough recipe makes 16 tarts, which doesn’t work in my 12 cupcake pan and needs a few more small tarts (either mini ones or medium sized ones). Also, for some reason when I bake at the temperature and time recommended, the custard poofs up a lot. It falls down when cooling which is fine, but then the surface of the custard is wrinkly like a Portuguese egg tart instead of a Taiwanese egg tart. I may need to tweak. But still tasty, so still posting now.

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change in posting schedule

Hi readers,
I’m changing my posting schedule to either twice or once a month, because I’ve just been eating way too many baked goods! Plus, butter.city is pretty much my own personal digital recipe box, so not like ya’ll are waiting on me anyway. I have some fun things on my to-bake list, but not much time to follow through, so when I do, they’ll be posted.

See ya,