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Every baker has their favorite tools. I’ve listed mine below in order of priority, because I know that not everyone needs an egg white whisk. Also while I do recommend quality wares for specific things (measuring cups, spatulas and whisks), I find satisfaction in the cheapest of cheap for others (bowls, scoops, most baking pans) just as well. Links included below to my own specific arsenal.


At a minimum:
2 large bowls, metal or glass
2 small bowls, metal or glass
Standard balloon whisk
Silicone spatula or mixing spoon
2 baking sheets
Dry measuring cups (1/4 tsp – 1 cup)
Liquid measuring cup (2 cup)
Cake pan (8″ round)
Cupcake pan
6″ glass pie pan
Worth it:
More silicone spatulas
A second whisk
Parchment paper
Hand mixer
Cookie scoops, small and large
Silicone baking mat
Set of layer cake pans
Loaf pan
Rolling pin

Specialty things:
Springform pans
Egg white whisk
Cast iron skillet
Toaster oven cake pan
Toaster oven miniature cupcake pan
Cupcake liners
Pastry bag with tips
Offset spatula
Tart pans
Pastry blender
Food processor
Kitchen scale
Pastry decorating tips
Pastry bags
Things that are omitted on purpose:
Kitchenaid mixer – I actually prefer to do all my whisking and mixing by hand. It gives me more control over the texture and consistency of my baked goods, and there’s just something about getting hands on that makes me appreciate the act of baking so much more.

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