This blog is dedicated to butter, because is there any feeling comparable to a combination of butter and sugar (and eggs, flour, usually chocolate) fresh out of the oven, in one’s mouth? No.

Recipes on this site are pared down to manageable portions, for those of us who live alone and know that having 3 dozen cookies on the counter top means eating 3 dozen cookies for dinner.

Right now I’m going to try posting one recipe a week, but I’m not sure if it’s sustainable. We’ll see!

And like most of everybody anywhere, my kitchen is not Pinterest worthy – it is just a few square feet of not a lot of space. That means that I don’t have 16 whisks or mixing bowls or any of those cool cookie cutter tools and doo-dads. Instead, I have a set of well-used, efficient kitchen tools.

Most of the pans and portion sizes called out in these recipes are designed for fewer people, less volume. We’re not the type that bakes for parties every week. We bake for ourselves, and a couple friends.

And we musn’t forget the toaster oven! In my grad student years I learned to bake with a toaster oven because my measly studio apartment didn’t have an oven. Although electricity is slightly less efficient than gas, I found the convenience of no-preheat indispensable and have designed many recipe modifications for this very tool. But without a toaster oven, don’t worry – up the baking temperature up by 25 degrees F and bake normally in your regular oven.

Welcome to!

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