more experiments! soft and chewy ginger molasses cookies

DSCF1790I’m moving! Which means I packed away my recipe box and desktop computer which means I don’t have any pictures or recipes to post today. Oops. I guess I’m not so good at thinking ahead 🙁 In the mean time, here are some notes on those Ginger Molasses Cookies. Yes, I still love them. They might the first cookies I bake in the new house… We’ll see.
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shortening vs butter – soft and chewy ginger molasses cookies

DSCF1631The long awaited chewy ginger cookies from Brian’s Mom!!! My first batch didn’t turn out exactly the same as the one that Emili gave to me, but pretty close. I think pressing down the balls slightly before baking might do the trick. At the end of this post will also be some notes on Shortening Versus Butter. Serious stuff. Read more

ginger candy and syrup

DSC_6581Has it really been four months since I started posting on Butter City? I guess so, according to my archives. Weekly posting is a reasonable commitment, I’m glad I didn’t shoot for any more because I’d definitely be struggling now… I started a new job last month and now have much less free time to post. Plus there’s only so many ways I can express my excitement over a recipe. So I think I’m going to start saying whatever in this intro paragraph and just follow with the recipe. Ok? Ok. Read more