stonefruit piette

DSC_6148The thing about fruit pies is that you’ve got to get the right ratio of crust to fruit. Too much crust isn’t really a problem I guess, because everyone loves a good pie crust. But too much fruit and you’ll be drowning in sad bites of soggy fruit without any crunchy crust to go with. That’s one of the reasons why these small 6″ pie pans work so well – the smaller volume of fruit is guaranteed to not overwhelm the crust.
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tiny flourless chocolate cake

DSC_6361The main effect of this cake is to satisfy that chocolate cake craving we get around 9pm every night, without producing tempting leftovers that test our self control from the countertop for days afterwards.

The side effect of this cake is to remind you (me) that baking is easy, available, and always worth it. This is what I bake when I don’t want to wash my measuring cups. When I really want cake but I really don’t want to put on pants.

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