rosemary foccacia

DSCF2370Alas, I am no longer afraid of yeast! I followed this rosemary foccacia recipe to make a side for a dinner party, and it was delicious. Flavorful and oily, though I do prefer my breads to be a bit more on the chewier side. I will be adding this bread recipe to my repertoire, but probably halving or even quartering the recipe since it was enough to feed a village (8-10) and you know what happens when there’s excess fresh bread around the house…

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first attempt – liege waffles

DSC_6434These liege waffles were a huge pain in the butt. I had to buy special ingredients (Belgian pearl sugar), it took forever (3 days?) and to be honest I don’t think they came out that well. During our Portland trip a few months ago, we went to Off the Waffle for our last breakfast and damnnnn that waffle was amazing – I was inspired. But alas, my first attempt at liege waffles yielded something much denser and all-around not as mouth watering. Yes, they were still okay – it’s hard for sugared bread to be disliked, but with Off the Waffle fresh in my mind… I just couldn’t love these.

But I mean, I made them for a birthday brunch for a group of friends and they were a hit anyway. Maybe my standards are too high. But you know, maybe not.

DSC_6421DSC_6423DSC_6424DSC_6428DSC_6429DSC_6431When I’ve forgotten about this waffle incident I hope to revisit a less complex recipe and work on a second attempt. That may be awhile from now.

Followed exactly:
Not Martha’s Liege Waffles for freezing